VW T3 T25 useful links

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ZDDP and oil

Leaking water gasket & top end rebuild how to ( mm289)

1.9 DG – Attempting a full rebuild…T25Convert

Edna’s new MV build – wbx pervs only! silverbullet

2.1 MV Rebuild DG case!!! 123-jn ( Actually a DJ build)

Early 1.9 to 2.1 conversion – stop me if I’m being stupid! CJH

PetenAli’s WBX 2500 engine build. silverbullet

WBX ( itchyfeet)

WBXlog ( itchyfeet)
When Flickr vandalise my photos you can see a version of the main WBXlog rebuild here…

WBX Cyliner heads reseal ( itchyfeet )

2.1 WBX engine rebuild noob…. (sherlylock)

WBXmayo broken head stud ( itchyfeet)

WBXoily head reseal and new rings (itchyfeet)

WBX-Unknown (937carerra)

Rebuild Thread (Probably) (Ciaraneng)

An engine rebuild for beginers – Marksnow
[b]Other WBX threads / Links[/b]

locking crankshaft to remove single pulley

polo oil filter comparison
Dismantle a distributor ( not Digifant)

Failed WBX big ends video

Changing coolant

WBX Breather tower oil filler – itchyinfo

Oil Breather tower cut open

DJ oil cooler on a DG

cheapo oil pressure gauge

Cheapo Oil temperature gauge

A handy little web page for wbx fans

AMC heads valve warning

WBX cylinder head differences

combustion chamber measurements

temporary sump plug

WBX con rod bolt

High performance bolts ARP 070-104-6001 e,g,



Suspension, brakes, speedo

Brake pipes (again). Can you join new copper to old steel?

Wandering steering

Wishbone Bushes ( itchyfeet)

Speedo cable replacement
speedo bounce

Brake master cylinder ( itchyfeet)

speedo adjustment (CJH)

broken rear spring changing

clunky rear spring.

radius arm bushes

early van thread

Fixing a broken odometer with superglue

rear spring spacers


Aftermarket Window seals

windscreen installation

captains seat armrest bolt covers

Lock Dismantling guide, with Pictures (slowcoach)

Twin headlamp grille mod ( Slider2)

washer bottle clean

water tank maintenance

magnetic drip strip

foam in A pillar
Injection tank removal

wiper blade upgrade

installing a 2nd LPG tank

Holdsworth villa 3 gas struts

Grit blasting

Window winder handles

Sticky throttle broken accelerator pedal
Setting up a 5 speed gearbox – Aidan

Gearbox oil

One man photo guide to removing a late Petrol van gearbox ( itchyfeet)

WBX Gearbox starter earth bypass cable

4WD 5 speed VW gearbox manual

Click to access VW_Transporter_80-92_4WD_5-speed_manual_gearbox_094.pdf

gearbox oil

7 inch budget lucas-style round headlights ( Covkid)

Flashing coolant light

Electric fuel pump mod cut off relay

Fit a Tracker now or loose it

Other security ideas


VW Workshop manual

Click to access VW_Transporter_80-92_CS-JX-KY_Injection.pdf

Wiring diagrams

Click to access VW_Transporter_80-92_CS_KY_JX.pdf

Smokey JX thread
1.6 CS to 1.9 AEF engine swap (colinthefox)